CELL tutorials for “HoW exciting! 2023”

Instructions to set up the tutorials

You can carry out the tutorials from the menu below in a fully interactive environment through Jupyter notebooks.

To this end, first download the corresponding notebooks (named tutorial#_how_exciting_2023.ipynb) to some folder (e.g. my_tutorials/):

on the same folder my_tutorials/, save the following two files, that will serve you to install the required packages in a virtual environment:

Once you have all these files in the my_tutorials/ folder, execute:

source create_env.sh

This will install the necessary packages and create a virtual environment

After completion of the script, you should be in your local environment already.

Now, exectue:

jupyter-nbextension enable nglview --py

this will couple the nglview atom viewer for use on the jupyter notebooks.

Finally, execute:

jupyter notebook

With this, you can just start doing the tutorials!

Important notice!:

In some browsers (e.g. Conqueror) the visualization with nglview may not work.

As a workaround, you may try opening the tutorial in a different browser.

For this, you can execute:

jupyter notebook --no-browser

and afterwards copy the URL printed in the terminal, and use it to open the tutorial in a different browser.

Tutorials read-only versions

Non-interactive html version of the tutorials are also available in the following links: